Central Asian Perspectives on the Rise of China

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This project explores the Central Asian perspectives on the rise of China. Since the new post-Soviet states emerged in Central Asia in 1991, China has been seeking to foster relations with these new states diplomatically, politically, and economically. At the juncture of nearly two decades of interaction, analysts have observed China’s increasing engagement with Central Asia by incorporating it into its broader strategic game. While most of China’s initiatives in Central Asia appear to be based on goodwill and show an intention to peacefully and cooperatively integrate its neighbors into joint economic prosperity, there are nevertheless various concerns about the implications of China’s rising influence in this region. This project uses surveys to explore Central Asian perspectives on China. It is a collaborative project with Dr. Olaf Guenther and Dr. Soledad Tovar based at Palacky University, Czech Republic.
Effective start/end date01/01/201630/06/2018