Chemical Munitions Search & Assessment

  • Vanninen, Paula (Other)
  • Söderström, Martin (Participant)
  • Koskela, Harri (Participant)
  • Kostiainen, Olli (Participant)
  • Hakala, Ullastiina (Participant)
  • Halme, Mia (Participant)
  • Taipalus, Jenni (Participant)
  • Kuula, Matti (Participant)
  • Kuitunen, Marja-Leena (Participant)
  • Isomaa, Keijo (Participant)
  • Taure, Terhi (Participant)
  • Pettersson, Annette (Participant)
  • Karjalainen, Maaret (Participant)
  • Häyrynen, Jere Ilmari (Participant)

Project: Research project

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Description (abstract)

At least 50,000 metric tonnes of chemical munitions have been dumped in the Baltic Sea since the Second World War, many of them containing poisonous substances. Uncertainty still exists about the location of all dumping areas, the content and condition of the munitions or how they behave under Baltic Sea conditions. The CHEMSEA project seeks to close our knowledge gaps on this topic by mapping and characterizing these dumping sites, to develop guidelines in order to reduce potential threats to the environment and fishermen and to prepare a region-wide contingency plan to deal with cases of leakage.
Effective start/end date27/09/201131/03/2014