Christianity in the Asian Religious Context - A research project of the Academy of Finland

  • Ruokanen, Miikka (Project manager)
  • Kvist, Hans-Olof (Other)
  • Soikkanen, Timo (Other)
  • Zhuo, Xinping (Other)
  • Yang, Huilin (Other)
  • Bamo, Ayi (Other)
  • Jathanna, O.V. (Other)
  • Wickeri, Philip L. (Other)
  • Aagaard, Johannes (Other)
  • Jongeneel, Jan A.B. (Other)
  • Ruppell, Gert (Other)
  • Huang, Paulos (Participant)
  • Hirvonen, Heidi (Participant)
  • Komulainen, Jyri (Participant)
  • Antola, Marketta (Participant)
  • Dahlbacka, Ingvar (Other)
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