Community Appropriate Sustainable Energy Security (CASES) Partnership

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The Community Appropriate Sustainable Energy Security (CASES) Partnership is an international research initiative involving 15 northern and Indigenous communities and public and private sector project partners from Canada, Alaska, Sweden, and Norway.

Hosted by the University of Saskatchewan, the overarching goal of the CASES initiative is to reimagine energy security in northern and Indigenous communities by co-creating and brokering the knowledge, understanding, and capacity to design, implement and manage renewable energy systems that support and enhance social and economic values.

The CASES Partnership facilitates the sharing of experience so that not all communities have to experience the same challenges or recreate solutions, thereby expediting the learning experience and accelerating renewable energy innovation.

Our unique knowledge sharing platform will enhance community capacity by providing bestin-class examples and ‘how to’ instructions for northern and Indigenous communities to pursue community energy planning, assess and prioritize local energy needs, and ensure sustainable transition.

To date, we have secured over $8 million in funding, including $2.5 million in support from the Social Sciences and Humanitites Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada.
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