Criticality, Interculturality and Bias in Education

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In order to avoid confusion, misunderstandings and to promote dialogue between researchers, this research group has adopted the label “Education for diversities”. Diversities refer to any person (or group of people) who defines herself as an Other or who is defined by society, institutions and her interlocutors as such. Diversities are based, amongst others, on language, geographical space (countries, regions, cities), but also gender, worldview, social position, and/or the combination of all these. The plural form reflects a critical approach to multiculturalism in education, especially in relation to the concepts of culture and identity but also to questions of power, neo-colonization, social inclusion and injustice. We reject forms of (neo-)culturalism in research and teaching, i.e. the use of a static understanding of the concept of culture, which overlooks contextualised interaction and present culture as an “alibi”. The use of this label also allows us to avoid continuing to dichotomise intercultural and multicultural education
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