Dependence and Independence in Logic. Foundational Issues and Philosophical Significance

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Description (abstract)

The project will investigate various notions of dependence and independence (logical, causal, probabilistic) based on a logical system, IF logic, developed by J. Hintikka and G. Sandu and associates. IF logic formulates notions of informational dependence and independence, both deterministic and probabilistic ones. The main focus of the project is to relate this notions to more robust notions of dependence, causal and counterfactual dependence. The project has employed two postdocs, each for a period of three years, and one doctoral student (halph an year).

Layman's description

The project investigates such questions as: What it is for some magintude to depend counterfactually, causally or probabilistically on another one? In order to answer such questions, these notions will be expressed in a uniform logical framework.
Effective start/end date01/09/201531/08/2019

Fields of Science

  • 611 Philosophy
  • logic, games, counterfactuals, causal relations, game-theoretical semantics