Dissecting a novel ribosome and mRNA decay pathway

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Description (abstract)

The goal of this research project is to dissect the mitochondrial ribosome and RNA decay pathway triggered by mitochondrial inner membrane stress from aberrant translation products. I have recently shown that disturbances to co-translational protein maturation induce mitochondrial ribosome and mRNA decay, and arrest cell proliferation. In the research proposed I will investigate the molecular basis of this quality control pathway. I will identify key factors involved in the recognition, rescue and degradation of dysfunctional mitochondrial ribosomes. I will establish the hierarchy of molecular events and investigate how important such a quality control machinery for mitochondrial translation is when cellular homeostasis is disturbed. These findings will have great impact for our understanding of how gene expression is coordinated from two genomes and two sets of ribosomes in the eukaryotic cell.

Layman's description

The reading of genes and the making of proteins in mitochondria, the power-factory of the cell can if not precisely controlled have serious consequences for the cells in our body. In this application, I am proposing work to find out how this quality control works and what specifically happens when it does not.
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2024