Divining by Intuition: A Comparative Study of Jewish and Greek Texts and Traditions of Persian and Hellenistic Eras (c. 550-60 B.C.E.)

  • Tervanotko, Hanna (Project manager)

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In this project I analyze the Jewish and Greek intuitive divination (getting to know divine will without material means) in the ancient texts of the Persian and Hellenistic eras and ask their cross-cultural connections. Did the literary traditions of one corpus influence the other or did it flow both ways? By taking into account a broad range of texts from the Jewish side and by treating the sources in an even-handed way with the Greek texts, my goal is to provide a more truthful and comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon. The methodology of this project is an interdisciplinary combination of Biblical and Classical Studies and Comparative Religion. The results of this study will provide new information concerning the cross-cultural relationships in Antiquity and help to understand divination as a modern-day phenomenon.
Effective start/end date01/09/201431/08/2017


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