EAGER: Opetuksen ja opettajankoulutuksen kehittäminen tutkimalla oppilaiden kiinnostuksen syntymistä matematiikan, luonnontieteiden ja insinööritieteiden opiskelua kohtaan: Kansainvälinen tutkimusyhteistyö


EAGER: Improving Understandings of Student Engagement in STEM to Enhance Teacher Education and Classroom Instruction: An International Collaboration (2013-15) is funded by Finnish Academy (200 000 €). Two major types of activities will be conducted in this collaborative venture: designing and implementation of a teaching module, and common workshops between the participating institutions that support the proposed research project, researcher exchanges and the development of new collaborative projects. The major research question is: What kind of features in the designed teaching module will be recognized to support students’ engagement?
Effective start/end date01/01/201331/12/2014


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