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Description (abstract)

The goal of ETES project is to serve as a mapping and feasibility study for launching an implementation project in establishing food production and processing system based on eco-industrial symbiosis in South-Savo. A node in such a food production network is called agroecological symbiosis, AES. This meets the goals of bio-economy and recycling: while producing, processing and delivering food on its own bioenergy, an AES produces excess energy for sale to its bioenergy clients. It functions on biologically fixed and recycling plant nutrients. An AES-based food system does no aim to repair the fossil fuels –based conventional system, but offers a possibility to replace it with a novel, climate smart and material efficient food system. In being localized, place-based, AES-food system is inherently transformative and adjusted to the boundary condition of ecological sustainability. It is a decentralized and hence, resilient food system, in contrast to the centralized and vulnerable conventional system evolved in the fossil economy. In being localized but networked aiming to even dominant shares in the food market, AES-food system serves in enhancing rural livelihoods and social goals in regional development. ETES project compiles the necessary basic information, identifies private, public and non-governmental actors for creating action groups and network, and maps needs for investments for piloting an AES-food system in South-Savo. The project is financed by the regional Council of South Savo – European Regional Fund ERDF.
Effective start/end date01/01/202030/06/2021