ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme: ‘CWR Conservation strategies’

  • Fitzgerald, Heli (Participant)
  • Maxted, Nigel (Project manager)
  • Labokas, Juozas (Project manager)
  • Holubec, Vojtech (Participant)
  • Dmitrieva, Safiya (Participant)
  • Carvalho, Miguel Angelo (Participant)
  • Iriondo, Jose Maria (Participant)
  • Ibraliu, Alban (Participant)
  • Uzundzhalieva, Katya (Participant)
  • Kyratzis, Angelos (Participant)
  • Inal, Abdullah (Participant)
  • Curtis, Tom (Participant)
  • Kell, Shelagh (Participant)
  • Magos Brehm, Joana (Participant)
  • Asdal, Åsmund (Participant)
  • Frese, Lothar (Participant)

Project: Research project

Project Details

Description (abstract)

Promoting implementation of national and regional crop wild relative (CWR) conservation strategies through sharing of knowledge and experience to create an integrated European strategy for CWR conservation. Survey on current status of CWR conservation strategies and action plans and workshop discussing European CWR conservation

Effective start/end date01/12/201531/12/2016