ELPIS - Enabling the potentials of green growth: Stigmatization/destigmatization dynamics in green business development

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In the ELPIS project, we examine the destigmatization processes of environmentally sustainable business. Due to the ideological ties and sustainability businesses’ potentials of posing a fundamental challenge on dominant industries and social norms, sustainability businesses can face negative labelling. It is vital to understand how such negative labelling could be reversed in order to enable the growth of sustainability business, which targets on environmental betterment. Our study consists of four working packages designed to examine the potentials of stigma removal. Since stigmatization arises from psychological and socio-cultural issues, the study combines neuroscience with cultural studies.

The research project is carried out in collaboration between University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, University of Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics an d University of Jyväskylä Center for Interdiciplinary Brain Research.
Effective start/end date01/09/201631/08/2020