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Energy Conscious Consumers ECO2 will facilitate a large amount of consumers to become conscious about and improve their energy efficiency. It will offer them two forms of learning. Either they choose to go alone through an online e-learning, or they choose to be brought through transformative group learning, in which the e-learning system supports the group processes. Together the two – single or group processes - provide attractive approaches for a wide array of consumer segments. The ECO2 processes are based on “blended” engagement methods, making use of both online and dialogue elements. Consumers will be recruited by contacts through social media, consumer media, energy suppliers and other gatekeepers. Segmentation will be used to increase the effectiveness of recruitment and to adapt the e-learning processes. The processes will be thematic, facilitated by an online ECO2 Platform, based on the online/blended engagement platform EngageSuite. Each consumer will be stepping up a ‘ladder of change’ from Motivation to Exploration and finally to Action. In the process the user receives information, reflects/deliberates and seeks knowledge and knowledge sharing. The user creates her/his own action plan on the next personal steps to take. ECO2 will deliver “Actions” on five important themes – the house, smart equipment, energy use/bills, rebound and prosuming. Further, an Action on co-creation of policies, innovations and designs will be executed and the results communicated to policy-makers and innovators through policy seminars. ECO2 has three phases – Ramp-up, Pilot and Upscaling. Ramp-up makes infrastructures, segmentation analysis, story-boards and production of themes. Pilots test the Actions with voluntary consumers. Upscaling involves viral recruitment of consumers, expansion to new countries, and collaboration with consumer gate-keepers. ECO2 will continue after end of project by: 1) an ECO2 Community, 2) stakeholder responsibility for the ECO2 Platform.
Short titleECO2
Effective start/end date01/03/201801/03/2021