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This project aims to explore and facilitate the commercialization of an immobilized enzyme reactor (IMER) technology that is feasible for determination of drug elimination in human. Specifically, the projects aims to produce a novel manufacturing method feasible for the mass production of the IMER (disposable part). Likewise, the project aims to produce the prototype of an automated control unit and exploring the critical parameters of the IMER end-product (such as shelf-life and packaging requirements). The new information only achievable via the use of the IMER technology is foreseen to not only speed up and foster the development of new drug candidates, but also to substantially improve the early identification of most hazardous drug-drug interactions. The primary envisioned end-users of the IMER technology are contract research organizations providing drug screening services, whereas pharmaceutical industries as their customers represent the primary beneficiaries (end-users of the data produced by IMER technology). In addition to drug-drug interactions, the high degree of automation is foreseen to foster the use of the IMER technology to bridge certain identified technology barriers in the fields of radiopharmaceuticals development and monitoring of pharmaceutical residues in the environment. In all of these fields, the services increasing our understanding of the importance of biotransformation are constantly growing their market share. On top of that, the novel mass manufacturing method to be developed and validated is likely to fill a graving need among manufacturing of microfluidic components.
Effective start/end date01/01/202031/12/2021

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