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In ETAIROS we study and co.develop together with stakeholders practical governance processes and frameworks as well as design and technology solutions the help public, private and civil society actors enhance the ethical sustainability of their operations in the use of AI.

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Human and the Technology of High Reliability: Evolution of Flight Safety Thinking.

Goal: The purpose of the study is twofold: firstly, to analyze the evolution of the aviation safety culture, and secondly, to describe how to apply the aviation safety models in the human interaction with artificial intelligence. Particular attention will be paid to the Crew Resource Management (CRM) doctrines created in the last few decades and to an open and fair working culture (Just Culture).
The research addresses the problems of co-operation between humans and the increasingly autonomous technologies. According to hypothesis, the safety models and practices created by the field of aviation have decisively contributed to the evolution and emergence of the so-called High Reliability Organizations and the safety norms and models of those organizations.
The primary sources of the study will include a literature review on aviation safety as well as versatile documents produced by the international aviation organizations. The research method is a historical description of the milestones of safety culture development and a systematic analysis of key safety models. Particularly, we want to find out, how the ethics and philosophy of technology have developed in the field of aviation safety.
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