Eurasian Energy Group

  • Kivinen, Markku (Other)
  • Aalto, Pami Kullervo (Other)
  • Dusseault, David Louis (Other)
  • Hellenberg, Timo Tapani (Other)
  • Palonkorpi, Mikko (Other)
  • Rautio, Vesa (Other)
  • Smith, Hanna (Other)
  • Smith, Jeremy (Other)

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Eurasian Energy Group

The Aleksanteri Institute's Eurasian Energy Group was launched in autumn 2005. The group includes the Institute's own researchers and associated experts, along with a network of public and private sector partners presently delving into the social, political, environmental, and security policy implications that energy may have outside the economic sector.

The group's starting point is that while debate surrounding the Europe's future energy security has become more acute, academic analysis and commentary is focused along a very narrow stretch of the very broad topic of energy.

The group therefore aims at conducting relevant academic research on energy in a Eurasian context, identifying the future implications of energy, increasing opportunities for a wider energy dialogue through public, private and academic sector partnership, and contributing to a broader understanding of the Eurasian energy dialogue in the EU.

Director: Dr. Markku Kivinen
Researchers:: Dr. Pami Aalto
David Dusseault
Dr. Timo Hellenberg
Mikko Palonkorpi
Dr. Vesa Rautio
Hanna Smith
Dr. Jeremy Smith
Contact: David Dusseault, email david.dusseault[at], tel. +358 9 19123642
Effective start/end date01/04/200731/05/2008