European Plate Observing System-European Research Infrastructure Consortium (EPOS-ERIC)

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The European Plate Observing System - EPOS-ERIC ( is a single, Pan-European e- infrastructure providing
an integrated platform for sharing open access data and tools from distributed national networks, observatories and other facilities in
Solid Earth Sciences. It will simplify and speed-up the process of combining geophysical information and it aims to be the principal
source of geoscientific data and tools in Europe and. EPOS opens new possibilities for cross-cutting and innovative research within
Earth Sciences, their applications in society as well as in raw material and energy exploration and to other natural science disciplines
that have an interface with solid Earth sciences (e.g. space, atmosphere and biosphere research).
The FIN-EPOS RI consortium is a Finnish national initiative of EPOS. The consortium partners (UH, UO, GTK, FMI, FGI, VTTMIKES, CSC, AALTO) own and operate Earth science observatories, laboratories and data centers in Finland. Partners own their data
and deliver the data to EPOS through international datacenters that will become core members of EPOS Thematic core services - TCS.
FIN-EPOS partners will be delivering data to TCS Seismology, TCS GNSS data and products, TCS Geomagnetic observations, TCS
Anthropogenic hazard, TCS - Multiscale laboratories, TCS - Geological information and modelling, TCS Satellite data, TCS -
Geoenergy testbeds.
FIN-EPOS has a coordination office and coordinator at the Institute of Seismology, University of Helsinki. FIN-EPOS has a council
whose is responsible for setting long-term national solid Earth sciences RI plan, monitoring of the data delivery to EPOS TCSs,
transnational access and usage of mobile instrument pool, it is also responsible for enhancing Finnish participation in European level
initiatives related to EPOS, increasing the user base of EPOS data and increasing the number of scientific partners in FIN-EPOS. The
council is helped by coordinator, who also updates the FIN-EPOS webpages and national entry portal to EPOS. The responsibility of
the chaired the council FIN-EPOS, PI, is to lead the organization and to help AoF in scientific and governance matters regarding EPOSERIC.
This application seeks funding for Finland's full membership in EPOS-ERIC for the first five year period 2020-2024 and for national
co-ordination and outreach costs for 2021-2021

Layman's description

EPOS, the European Plate Observing System, is an open-access e-infrastructure platform for distributed pan-European geoscientific
research infrastructure and aiming to be the principal source of data and tools geosciences. EPOS will simplify and speed-up the process
of combining information from different fields of geophysics. EPOS opens new possibilities for cross-cutting and innovative research in
Earth Sciences and their applications for society as well as for raw material and energy exploration.
The FIN-EPOS consortium partners (UH, UOULU, AALTO, GTK, FMI, FGI, VTT-MIKES, CSC) own and operate the geophysical
and geodetic observatory, laboratory and data center RIs in Finland. Through FIN-EPOS webpages and entry portal Finnish academia,
students, decision makers, industry and citizens can use large multidisciplinary open access data sets. Funding is sought for Finland's
full membership in EPOS-ERIC national co-ordination and outreach
Short titleFIN-EPOS
Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2024


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