Evolutionary ecology of communication

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A complete understanding of the role of natural selection in driving evolutionary change requires accurate estimates of the strength of selection acting on phenotypes in the wild. In order to fully understand how diversity originates and is maintained, we must consider these multiple forces and their interaction at all levels (from genotype to phenotype) of an organism. This is only possible from long-term data sets from the wild where we can detect the fitness of genotypes and phenotypes as a response to known agents of selection. In this project, I will utilize an unique long-term data sets of a colour polymorphic wood tiger moths (Arctia plantaginis), collected from the
wild and the multiple generation pedigrees from the laboratory. These data sets combined with the experimental work about selective agents (predation and sexual selection) allow us to analyse selective factors that are
generating diversity of life in our planet.
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  • 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology