Experimental Treebanking for the Minority Moksha Language and Finite-State Descriptions

  • Rueter, Jack (Project manager)
  • Levina, Maria (Participant)
  • Kabaeva, Nadezhda (Participant)

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Project Details

Description (abstract)

This project deals with the Moksha language in Universal Dependencies treebanking. It is an extension of previous work with Erzya Universal Dependency treebanking. In this project direct consideration is given to language-independent description with special attention given to possible alignnents with Erzya, as well as other Uralic and Turkic languages, e.g. Komi-Zyrian, Komi-Permyak and Skolt Sami.
Effective start/end date07/12/2018 → …

Fields of Science

  • 6121 Languages
  • Moksha language
  • universal dependencies
  • Morphological description
  • Uralic languages
  • syntax
  • Mordvin languages