EXPRES - Exploratory Partnership in Research

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Expres aims at exploring dynamic models in order to improve cooperation between SME´s in the food value chain and research institutes in the region of South Savo.

It is to develop models for the process of cooperation between researchers and entrepreneurs to increase SMEs´ innovation capacity, effective use of resources and competitiveness in an optimal way.

The main question of the project is: How to promote competitiveness among rural entrepreneurs in the food value chain by creating dynamic collaboration with researchers? The models of research cooperation supporting entrepreneurial activities are developed on the basis of three cases: 1. Analysig and developing methods for starting research cooperation with SMEs in food processing, 2. Learning from an existing network of SMEs and 3. Exploring researcher-entrepreneural interaction in an ongoing pilot project in sustainable biorefineries.
Effective start/end date01/06/200831/03/2011


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