Forest Landscape Restoration in the Mekong River Basin (FORMEB)

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The overall objective was institutional capacity building at the National University of Laos, especially its Faculty of Forestry, so as to support its role in training professionals for improved management and sustainable use of forests in Lao PDR.

Specifically, the aims was also strengthening of the Faculty of Forestry in terms of its international collaboration, curriculum development, introduction of new teaching methods, and joint supervision of M.Sc. students.

The main activity was an intensive three-week training event arranged in September 2009 at NUOL in Vientiane, with field work in selected rural communities Vientiane Province; as well as a field excurion in northeastern Thailand and a concludiung seminar with group work presentations at the Faculty of Forestry of Kasetsart University in Bangkok. There were about 45 participants from Laos, Finland, and Thailand.

Three students from the University of Helsinki also completed the field work for their MSc theses in Laos, under co-supervision by NUOL Faculty of Forestry staff.

Financing was through the ICI programme of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Effective start/end date11/05/200931/12/2009