Forestcluster Ltd.: Added Value from Wood Extractives - Terpenes and Lipids as Leads for Novel Products (FuBio, Future Biotechnology)

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Terpenes form a structurally diverse group of compounds that are widely used in indusrial applications. They possess functionality as well as chirality otherwise difficult to obtain. In nature, terpenes have an important function as signal compounds, growth regulators and protection agents in plants. Many commercial uses of terpenes reflect their natural uses: pest control agents, animal antifeedants, preservatives, pharmaceuticals and their intermediates, food additives, aromas, flavours, fragrances, optically pure chiral auxiliaries for industrial synthesis of fine chemicals etc.
Terpenes are often obtained using various pressing, distillation and extraction processes. A considerable amount of monoterpenes is produced by the forest industry during chemical pulping as raw turpentine, in Finland some 20,000 tons annually. Turpentine is currently the largest source of the monoterpenes alpha-pinene, beta-pinene and delta3-carene. Moreover, tall oil contains large amounts of terpenes, e.g. rosin acids (abietic and dehydroabietic acids).
The aim of the project is to create novel products from wood extractive terpenes and tall oil terpenoids. The target product categories include biocides and other antimicrobial agents and antioxidants.
Effective start/end date29/04/200931/12/2011