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To strengthen the forest-related higher education system in Laos to improve domestic capacity to sustainably manage forests for the benefit of the people and the environment, while at the same time enabling Laos to effectively respond to the demands and opportunities of international processes (e.g. Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement on Climate Change).


1. Support three Lao HEIs to develop and improve their MSc forestry programs as follow
- Curricular review & upgrade of existing MSc forestry program at NUoL
- Curricular development & support for accreditation of a new MSc forestry program at SKU
- Support SU in the development of a new MSc forestry program; a roadmap for implementation

2. Improve employability of graduates by matching the curriculum with national & regional needs, promoting internships, & work experience opportunities

3. Support South-South cooperation & exchange to improve the quality and availability of teaching & training capacity in Laos

4. Strengthen cooperation between Lao & EU HEIs
Effective start/end date01/10/201731/08/2021

Fields of Science

  • 4112 Forestry