Gender sensitive teaching and counselling in vocational education

  • Savola, Tiina (Other)

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    VISIBLE is a transnational networks –project which evaluates and summarizes all the relevant national and international projects on gender sensitive teaching and counselling in all the participating countries as well as at European level in general and draws recommendations for future actions.

    A lot of effort has been put into encouraging especially women to choose non traditional careers within European funded projects in past years. Still, girls and boys continue to take educational and career paths “typical” for their gender and especially in countries where the participation rate of women in labour market has been traditionally high. The education system plays an important role in creating ideas about gender that are often unconscious ways to deal with female and mail students. There is a need to find innovative methods and practical instruments for a systematic way to include gender aspect in the everyday work of teachers as well as to raise awareness of education policy makers in order to include gender sensitive approach to curriculum of teacher/counsellor training.

    Effective start/end date01/10/200630/09/2008