Generational negotiations, social control and gendered sexualities

  • Honkatukia, Päivi (Project manager)
  • Keskinen, Suvi (Project manager)
  • Honkasalo, Veronika (Participant)
  • Peltola, Marja (Participant)
  • Niemi, Johanna (Participant)

Project Details


The project explores the meanings and forms of intergenerational negotiations and means of social control in relation to the construction of sexuality and intimate relations in multicultural environments. Despite vast national and international public attention on ‘honour related’ violence, there is an evident lack of research in Finland, especially from the point of view of young people and families. Also the official and academic statistics on the frequency of ’honour-related violence’ in are inadequate and the estimates vary considerably, partly because the concept and definition of ’honour-related violence’ is unclear. The research of Finnish Youth Research Network approaches social control, sexuality and intimate relationships with the help of a nation-wide survey, interviews and documents. Data will be collected from migrant young people, parents and authorities. In approaching the aim of the project, classical sociological theories of social control and research on multiculturalism, feminist research and youth research will be combined. As the issue related ‘honour related violence’ has remained un-explored, the project aims at providing nationwide and comparative knowledge of the theme.
Effective start/end date01/09/201231/07/2016

Fields of Science

  • 5141 Sociology
  • 513 Law