This is the first large-scale study of Global Cities from early times to the present day to be published by Oxford University Press as a Handbook on Global Cities. The study will cover cities in the Americas, China, Japan, India, Africa and the Middle East as well as Europe and look at ancient, medieval, and modern cities. As well as survey chapters examining the main trends in the most advanced urban systems, the book will also focus on key issues such as Migration, Power, the Economy, Ritual and Ceremony, the Environment and Innovation. The organizing group includes leading experts such as Profs. Peter Burke (Cambridge), Renata Holod and Lynn Lees (University of Penn.), W. Rowe (Johns Hopkins), Marc Boone (Gent), and D. Mattingly (Leicester). The contributors include 50 scholars from major universities in the United States and Europe including Prof. R. Osborne (Cambridge), Dr H. de Weerdt (Oxford), Dr Cameron Petrie (Cambridge), Prof. Wim Blockmans (Leiden), Prof James McClain (Brown University), Prof. Marjatta Hietala (Tampere), Prof. A. Winter (VUB Brussels), Prof. K. Karttunen (Helsinki), Prof. D. Mattingly (Leicester).
As part of the project two conferences were arranged, the first in May 2010 attended by 45 participants , the second in Philadelphia 2011 with a similar number expected. These meetings provide opportunities for detailed discussion of ideas and draft papers for the project. It is expected to finish the project in 2011-12 and the book will be published in 2012/13 by Oxford University Press.

Aims of the project:
1. To promote comparative analysis of global cities in the past through detailed discussion of ideas and draft papers for the book.
2. To promote dialogue with policymakers and social scientists working on contemporary cities
3. To consolidate comparative urban history research and related studies in Finland and to identify Finland as a leading international centre for research and publications in the field.

Finnish Funding for the project (total 25,000 Euros) has been obtained from the University of Helsinki, Helsinki City, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, Ella ja Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation. Additional support (20,000 dollars) is provided by the University of Pennsylvania.
Effective start/end date01/01/200931/07/2013