Innovate Public Organic Food Producement for Youth (iPOPY)

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Description (abstract)

The aim is to examine the use of organic food, the factors promoting or impeding it in public catering services. Of the five items of the project WP1 coordinates and yields a common frame of reference, WP2 examines the acquisition policy of organic food, WP3 food chains and certification, WP4 young people’s predilections and conceptions of sustainable development and WP5 the connections between organic food and healthy eating habits.

In Finland elementary schools from large and small towns and youth work centres of churches where meals are given to young people participate in the project. In the project the views of the local actor networks on the use of organic food, its obstacles and potential, are sought. Especially young people’s conceptions of and predilections for school food, organic food and sustainable development are examined.
Effective start/end date01/01/200730/09/2010


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