Just Recovery from Covid-19? Fundamental Rights, Legitimate Governance and Lessons Learnt (JuRe). WP3 Openness and Legal Oversight

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The research consortium JuRe explores the ways in which the political, legal and administrative systems in Finland and elsewhere can guarantee that the post-pandemic recovery happens in a fair and justified manner. The consortium brings together research on international relations, political science, political history, public administration and law, constitutional law in particular. JuRe’s research enables a distinct consultative role in the political, legislative and administrative processes that can enhance a sense of just recovery among the country’s citizens. It provides elements for a sound constitutional settlement for post-pandemic recovery, and it has its focus on openness of decision-making, citizens’ trust in legal oversight and balanced enforcement of individual and collective fundamental rights, often through cross-country comparisons. The consortium joins researchers from the Universities of Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.
Short titleJuRe, WP3 Openness and Legal Oversight
Effective start/end date01/10/202131/12/2024


  • Academy of Finland: €707,437.00

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  • 5171 Political Science