Low-mass star formation in different environments - Research with high-precision radio telescopes from APEX to ALMA

  • Harju, Jorma (Project manager)
  • Miettinen, Oskari (Participant)
  • Sipilä, Olli (Participant)
  • Kontinen, Samu-Pekka Samuel (Participant)
  • Lehtinen, Kimmo (Participant)
  • Liljeström, Anne (Participant)

Project Details

Description (abstract)

The research group investigates low-mass star formation on three different levels of the process: 1) fragmentation of molecular clouds into dense cores, 2) structure and evolution of dense cores, and 3) early protostellar phases in the nuclei of dense cores. The targets of the study are selected from three nearby molecular clouds representing different types of environment for star formation. The problems addressed in this study are: 1) the origin of stellar IMF, 2) the formation of low-mass stars in massive star-forming complexes, and 3) the loss of angular momentum and the mechanism of outflows in protostellar systems.
Effective start/end date01/01/200731/12/2009

Fields of Science

  • 115 Astronomy, Space science
  • molecular clouds, interstellar chemistry, star formation