Making Home Abroad: Understanding Migrant Experiences and Heritage Implementation in Finland

Project: Research project

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This project aims to explore migrant histories and the way they experience their heritage in today’s Finland. It does so through three interrelated steps: 1. By developing and implementing critical, hands-on pedagogical resources from stored-away archaeological objects from the Ancient Near East (ANE) in Finnish museum collections through 3D digitisation and printing. 2. By providing narratives of migrant experiences in Finland as seen through the eyes of youngsters/high school students. This will be carried out as video interview project with Finnish high school students and students with a refugee background. 3. By opening interactive and approachable pop-up museums within the heart of communities across Finland, in which object interaction and community learning take centre.
Short titleMaking Home Abroad
Effective start/end date01/06/202031/12/2022


  • Finnish Cultural Foundation: €170,000.00