Medicine and the humanities

  • Louhiala, Pekka (Participant)
  • Puustinen, Raimo (Participant)
  • Evans, Martyn (Participant)

    Project Details


    Director of research: Louhiala, Pekka, Doc., Department of Public Health

    Researchers: Louhiala Pekka, Puustinen Raimo, Evans Martyn

    The project aims at making sense of the large and un-formed engagement between medicine and the humanities by showing that the biographical understanding of the human is integral to medicine, equally with the biological/scientific, disclosing what is inevitable within medicine (i.e. the humanities dimensions) rather than arguing for additional space to be made available.
    - doing so by a coherent series of volumes each of which addresses one of the "big questions" of medicine (as distinct from the big questions of medical humanities) in a genuinely interdisciplinary way
    - guaranteeing that interdisciplinarity by the "book-conference" process of iterative authorship and editorship

    Other cooperation organizations:

    University of Tampere
    University of Durham
    Effective start/end date01/01/2000 → …

    Fields of Science

    • 314 Health sciences
    • medical humanities
    • 3142 Public health care science, environmental and occupational health
    • medicine
    • humanities