Multidom: multidisciplinary assessment of the role of DOM in the environmental status of the Baltic Sea


In Multidom we will try to assess the role of the dissolved organic matter (DOM below) in causing the pollution of the Baltic Sea from an interdisciplinary perspective. Our socio-economic objective is to create better conditions to improve the possibilities to reduce the DOM loading and and thus to improve the state of the Baltic . Multidom have three sub-projects: 1) DOM loading in the Baltic Sea and its social and economic impacts, 2) the analysis of the river DOM loading of DOM and risk and decision-making analysis based on probability calculations, 3) environmental history and policy of the Baltic Sea area. Multidom is a multidisciplinary research group that has expertise on soil ecology, hydrobiology, environmental economics, environmental history and politics. The close collaborators of the project are Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and MTT Agrifood Reseach Finland.

The research program is led by Adjunct Professor Ilmo Massa, Department of Environmental Sciences. He is also in charge of the environmental history analysis. The water quality WP 1 will be led by leading researcher Harri Kuosa, SYKE and Eila Turtola, MTT. The probabilistic analysis (WP 2) is be led by Professor Sakari Kuikka, Department of Environmental Sciences.
Effective start/end date01/07/201131/12/2014


  • Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE): €204,500.00


  • 1172 Environmental sciences
  • 511 Economics
  • 5142 Social policy
  • 615 History and Archaeology