Multimodality and Translation

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The aim of the project “Multimodality and Translation” is to study audiovisual, multimedial genres with various multimodal modes (translating and dubbing for television, film, video; vocal translation; interpreting). Translations as processes and products are approached from a functional point of view with focus on various modes of communication in the given semiotic space. The theoretical framework is cultural semiotics with the idea of intersemiotic translation as methodology. In describing multimedial genres, the aim of the project is to describe genres (descriptive translation studies) and thus to develop new theoretical and methodological approaches based on semiotics, an interdisciplinary theory. The results can be used theoretically and methodologically, for instance, in the development of university level translator training and the ability of students to read and interpret various modes in semiosis. The project organizes an annual international symposium on translation within the International Summer School for Semiotic and Structural Studies in Imatra, the next is the 7th International Imatra Symposium on Semiotics and Translation, 2011. The project has Finnish and international researchers taking part in various semiotic conferences.

Responsible person: Pirjo Kukkonen, Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies,
Effective start/end date12/12/2000 → …