Multucultural Children and Adults in Day Care MUCCA


    (Monikulttuuriset lapset ja aikuiset päiväkodeissa -tutkimus- ja kehittämishanke) The MUCCA project was established in co-operation with the University of Helsinki (Prof. Mikko Ojala; Arniika Kuusisto) and the City of Helsinki Social Services Department (Eija Bergman, Nina Onufriev). It was funded by the City of Helsinki for 2008-2010, during which four multicultural kindergartens in Helsinki participated in developing their multicultural practices and gathering these together with an action research approach. These practices were then gathered together and published as a handbook together with the main findings from the project data, as a Finnish language booklet "Homma hanskassa! Päiväkodin kulttuurinen moninaisuus rikkautena" (2009) which can be downloaded from the project webpages. From 2010 onwards, the project data has also been reported in academic journals (see Kuusisto, 2011; Kuusisto & Lamminmäki-Vartia 2012).
    Effective start/end date01/09/200831/12/2016