Music, Speech, and Neuroplasticity after Stroke: Effects of Enriched Sound Environment on Recovery

  • Särkämö, Teppo (Project manager)
  • Tervaniemi, Mari (Principal Investigator)
  • Soinila, Seppo (Participant)
  • Laine, Matti (Participant)
  • Hietanen, Marja Helena (Participant)
  • Autti, Taina (Participant)
  • Silvennoinen, Heli (Participant)
  • Parkkola, Riitta (Participant)
  • Leo, Vera (Participant)
  • Sihvonen, Aleksi (Participant)
  • Erkkilä, Jaakko (Participant)
  • Laitinen, Sari (Participant)
  • Forsblom, Anita (Participant)
  • Lehtovaara, Terhi (Participant)
  • Ylönen, Aki (Participant)
  • Rajanaro, Pekka (Participant)
  • Peretz, Isabelle (Participant)
  • Rodriguez-Fornells, Antoni (Participant)
  • Ripolles Vidal, Pablo (Participant)

Project: Research project

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