Development of the neurobiologically and social scientifically informed approach to prejudice and its reduction

Project: Research Council of Finland: Academy Project

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Description (abstract)

In the proposed multidisciplinary research, we aim to provide a
comprehensive understanding of spatiotemporal orchestration of emotional reactions in the brain during audio-visuo-tactile virtualreality
encounters with members of ingroup and outgroups, based on complementary functional magnetic resonance imaging,
electroencephalography, behavioral, and physiological data.

Layman's description

PREVENT-hankkeessa tutkitaan ennakkoluuloja, erityisesti niiden tunnekomponenttia neurobiologian ja sosiaalitieteellisillä menetelmillä tavoitteena löytää keinoja niiden vähentämiseksi
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/08/2024


  • SUOMEN AKATEMIA Vähäkylä Leena: €280,000.00