Next Generation Tool for Ecosystem Assessment

  • Koho, Karoliina (Project manager)
  • Tiihonen, Rosa (Participant)
  • Harrison, Jesse (Participant)

Project Details


Marine dead zones, areas of seafloor devoid of animal life, are expanding as a result of increased human impact on coastal environment. As a consequence there is a growing demand for assessment of the impacts on marine habitats and to provide important information on decision and policy makers. However, the traditional monitoring approaches are very labor intensive, costing a lot of manpower and resources. At the same time the current monitoring programs are under a lot of financial pressure and urged to be more cost-effective. Here I propose to develop a new, economically sound tool for ecosystem assessment able to deliver extensive information on biodiversity and environmental status of marine environments. The proposed project has a high affinity to environmental agencies, such as Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE), industry and environmental consultancies, all interested in quantifying and monitoring the ecosystem health in a cost-effective manner.

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Next Generation Sequencing, macrofauna, sediment biogeochemistry, DNA, environmental monitoring
Short titleNext Generation Tool
Effective start/end date01/10/201630/09/2018