Novel inorgano-bioorganic nanocomposites for biomedical and engineering applications

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    The principal objective of the present Project is to establish a long-lasting collaboration, to provide a possibility for transfer of knowledge, to enable exchanges of research personnel, and to create an intercontinental network in the area of hybrid inorgano-bioorganic nanocomposites for biomedical and engineering applications. Realization of the Project will lead to the development of novel nanobiocomposites, which are based on natural components specific for particular regions of Brazil and South Africa.
    The expertise of the consortium partners is mutually complementary, it encompasses synthesis of the nanocomposite precursors, their modification and improvement of synthetic approaches to hybrid nanocomposites, isolation and characterization of natural active compounds and fibres of plant origin that are coupled with the development of advanced nanophases and hybrid nanocomposites.
    Main scientific goal of Project consists in the development of knowledge-based high-added value inorgano-bioorganic nanocomposites, natural and nature identical materials, drug delivery vectors, pharmaceutically active compounds, pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulas through valorisation of regional natural resources and scientific expertise.
    Innovative nanocomposites and their novel components will be characterized using up-to-date facilities available at all partner organizations for comprehensive physico-chemical, mechanical, spectroscopic, and microscopic studies at the nano-scale; followed by assessment of their anti-cancer, anti-parasite, insecticide and antimicrobial performance in in-vitro and in-vivo tests. Ethical issues of the research will be duly addressed.
    Results of the Project will strengthen the scientific potential of ERA, will provide novel approaches in combat prevention and treatment of neglected tropical diseases, will contribute to the sustainable development in participating countries and promote regional development of the Partner Countries.
    Effective start/end date01/03/201229/02/2016

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    • 116 Chemical sciences
    • 221 Nano-technology
    • 3141 Health care science