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University of Helsinki is a partner in an EU Central Baltic funded project NutriTrade (2015–2018). The objective of the NutriTrade project is to promote voluntary cost-effective, cross-border and cross-sector nutrient reduction measures in the Baltic Sea basin. The project will 1) develop credible nutrient offset verification mechanisms and reduce the nutrient load to the Baltic Sea with effective pilot measures 2) establish a functional offsetting platform and create a framework for finding and supporting nutrient reduction projects and 3) start a policy process for using flexible mechanisms by developing a roadmap for utilising nutrient offsetting.

University of Helsinki is responsible of the work package Pilot Gypsum in the project NutriTrade. UH will implement a large-scale gypsum treatment experiment in the Southwestern Finland. The pilot aims at gather practical experience and information on farmer’s willingness to use gypsum as a water protection measure, experience from using gypsum in fields and on the impacts on water quality.

The total project budget for 2015–2018 is 2,1 MEUR, of which the share of the EU Interreg Central Baltic Programme is almost 1,6 MEUR. The project has been nominated as a flagship project of the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy. The project is led by John Nurminen Foundation and project partners are UH, Luke, SLU and Anthesis Enveco.
Short titleNutriTrade
Effective start/end date01/09/201531/08/2018