On the Road with Finnish Artists in Italy and Germany in 1840-1930

  • Pietilä-Castrén, Leena (Participant)
  • Jokinen, Teppo (Participant)
  • Selkokari, Hanne (Other)
  • Pennonen, Anne-Maria (Participant)
  • Hovinheimo, Petja (Participant)
  • Vakkari, Johanna (Participant)

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Description (abstract)

This collection of articles by twelve Finnish and two Italian researchers was started in 2008 by Dr.'s Teppo Jokinen and Hanne Selkokari from the Institute of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies of the University of Helsinki. The idea was to compile recent research on Finnish artists and art historians traveling in Italy and German-speaking areas of Europe in the decades around 1900. The study produced new views and fresh knowledge based on travelers’ correspondence and diary entries, which revealed the travelers’ impressions of and ideas about their broader European surroundings. The nature of the texts is art historical, but they also offer considerable information on biographies, contemporary visual arts, literature and period tourism. The collection of articles is intended for a wide audience, especially those who are interested in understanding Nordic – European exchange as seen by the eyes of artists and those writing about art at the turn of the 20th century. The book is due in 2011.

My contribution is a study of Eliel Aspelin and his grand tour in Italy and Germany in 1876-1877 and especially an essey that he wrote about the renaissance artist Domenico Ghirlandaio and his works in Santa Maria Novella in Florence.
Effective start/end date01/03/200817/11/2010

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