Otto Syreeni´s house in Teuva (municipality)

Project: Research project

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The house of the color manufacturer Otto Syreeni (1900–1975) is one of the most important landmarks of Teuva municipality. During its history (built 1935) it has been in residential and in commercial use. It has also served as as muncipal hall of Teuva for seventy decades. Together with the opposite office building (1929), these classicist buildings of the 1920s-1930s form a valua-ble cultural and architectural entity.

The Teos-project is a prestudy aimed at ensuring the survival of the Otto Syreeni´s house in the cultural landscape of Teuva. The project has three dimensions: an archival survey of the building history of the house, an survey of the historical layers and structures still existing in the house, and planning for future actions. The co-operation partners are the Teuvalaisen Kulttuurin Tuki and the Teuva municipality. The project is funded by Leader Suupohja.
Effective start/end date02/09/201931/03/2020