Philosophy and Practice of Improvisation

  • Salmela, Mikko (Project manager)
  • Ravn, Susanne (Participant)
  • McGuirk, James (Participant)
  • Blomberg, Olof (Participant)
  • Brinck, Ingar (Participant)
  • Höffding, Simon (Participant)
  • Salice, Alessandro (Participant)

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Project Details

Description (abstract)

The three NOS-HS explorative workshops (IMPROV) tackle an under-theorized phenomenon: the human capacity for improvisation. The primary objective is to develop a better theoretical understanding of improvisation by involving practitioners who self-consciously engage in and work with improvisation in three workshops. The second objective is to explore how new types of support and training for patients with “improvisation pathologies” can be developed from such an understanding. The project pools outstanding scholarship in phenomenology, psychopathology, the philosophy of the social and cognitive sciences, the philosophy of action, the philosophy of emotions, cognitive
science and research on artistic improvisation from the Nordic countries.
Short titleIMPROV
Effective start/end date01/01/201731/12/2018