Phylogenetic Relationships and Organellar Genome Evolution in Solanaceae

  • Poczai, Péter (PI)
  • Hyvönen, Jaakko (Project manager)
  • Amiryousefi, Ali (Participant)
  • Aubriot, Xavier (Participant)
  • Sablok, Gaurav (Project manager)
  • Särkinen, Tiina (Participant)
  • Knapp, Sandra (Participant)
  • Buerki, Sven (Participant)
  • Syfert, Mindy (Participant)
  • He, Xiaolan (Participant)
  • Gagnon, Edeline (Participant)
  • Orejuela, Andrés (Participant)
  • Barboza, Gloria (Project manager)
  • Baden, Maria (Project manager)
  • van der Weerden, Gerard M. (Project manager)
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