Queering Family Violence: Violence against LGBTQI+ family members in the past and present societies

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The project aims at organising three multidisciplinary workshops to bring together studies of violence against LGBTQI+ people within the family in the past and present-day societies. This is a new field of research in the Nordic countries that looks at the ways to improve well-being of LGBTQI+ people and Nordic society in general. It will analyse, discuss and offers ideas for legal and social work guidelines for integration of queer well-being into Nordic welfare systems. A larger research project on violence against LGBTQI+ people within the family in Northern Europe shall be formed on the basis of these workshops.
The project looks at same-sex families, but at families with gay members (children, one of the (grand)parents). Thus, the project looks at this highly under-researched topic in the past and present-day societies to reveal long-term patterns of violence within the familial relationships. By organising workshops where participants will present their multidisciplinary studies of queer family violence, we will initiate conversations in this emerging field of study. We will explore intersections of many
systems of power, concentrating on that of age, gender and race. By focusing on the intersection between sexuality and age, we will expand our attention to social care and social work. The project will focus on the Nordic countries in the comparative perspective of world LGBTQI+ family violence research within the queer theory and family violence theories intersection.

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The project explores violence against queer family members to assess efficiency of present-day laws and policies in the Nordic countries.
Short titleQueering Family Violence
Effective start/end date01/01/202031/12/2022

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  • 513 Law
  • family violence
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • 5142 Social policy
  • prevention of family violence