Rural Futures: Ethnographies of transformation from Finland, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia

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The research group studies and compares transformation processes of peripheral rural communities in four countries. We compare on thematic grounds such as relationship to the Eu, sustainable livelihoods, and relationship between the state and its peripheries.

How do people who live in peripheral rural areas react and respond to recent changes in their lives? In accordance with the decline of agriculture and its possibilities to offer livelihood in rural areaas, people are faced with serious questions concerning their future in their home area.

The reverse of the downsizing of the welfare or socialist state is the activity of people themselves, and the initiative they take. What is the role of culture and local traditions in this? What kinds of quidelines does the local way of life offer for living in the periphery? The data is collected in the form of biographical and thematic interviews and anthropological methods of participant observation.
Effective start/end date01/01/201031/12/2010