Russian Academic Migration to Finland: institutional culture, gender and race

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Students and researchers from Russia constitute an apparently quickly growing group in Finland. Statistics demonstrate that women present a prevailing part of Russian-speaking migrants (Statistics Finland, 2019). The survey data (SHARM, 2019) on aged migrants from Russia show that females from this group are better educated and possess a better knowledge of Finnish comparing to males, but at the same time, they suffer more often from the solitude and report a higher level of depression. What happens with young female professionals who strive for careers in Finnish universities? How they interact with Finnish academic norms and culture? What barriers do they see for their promotion, how do overcome them and balance work/family obligations? My research, taking as a case the experience of Russian females in Finnish academy, shades light at subjectivities, career strategies, perceived inequalities of women with a post-soviet background in Western academia.
Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2022