SAVE – Saving the Archipelago Sea by applying gypsum to agricultural fields

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Gypsum application to fields is a promising measure for reducing the phosphorus load originating from agriculture. Could it also help reduce eutrophication of the coastal waters of the Archipelago Sea? The project SAVE, a joint research project of the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Environment Institute is studying this question by implementing a large-scale pilot study of gypsum treatment in fields. The pilot will take place in the Savijoki river basin in Lieto and Paimio, in collaboration with local farmers. The project studies the effects gypsum has on phosphorus loads, river biota and soil.

University of Helsinki is responsible for implementing the pilot, while the Finnish Environment Institute is responsible for water quality and aquatic biota research. SAVE is a part of a Government key project of circular economy, funded by the Ministry of the Environment (2016–2018). The gypsum pilot is also involved with project NutriTrade (NutriTrade – Piloting a Nutrient Trading Scheme in the Central Baltic), funded by the EU Interreg Central Baltic programme (2015–2018).
Short titleSAVE
Effective start/end date15/02/201631/12/2018