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Multiple dwelling means having at least two homes or apartments at one’s disposal and staying there alternately or seasonally; such residents are e.g. second home owners. They are particularly important when it comes to vitality, regional economy and continuity of service provision in South Savo. The project is a regional development and research project. The aim is to create a cooperation model and development platform based on partnership between different sectors and stakeholders of second home living, through interaction between development and research measures. The aim is also to involve businesses offering services for holiday home owners in RDI for developing second home living. Furthermore, the aim is to promote sustainable holiday home living as well as to strengthen the regions’s brand as the qualitatively best region of sustainable holiday home living and as an expert of development and research of it.

Ruralia Institute is responsible for the research part of the project. The place attachment of second home owners and their willingness to contribute to the area where their second home is situated will be studied. Digital interaction will be developed in cooperation with Mikkeli Development Miksei, and the digital application for second home owners will also be used for gathering research data. New data will support the development work in the project.

The project is funded by The Regional Council of South Savo/ EAKR and the city of Mikkeli.
Short titleLaiturilla 2
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/12/2021