Study on the implementation of the Measure "Transnational cooperation in Leader" in Finland (2006-2013)

Project Details


The study will scrutinize the Leader Transnational Cooperation (TNC) measures implemented in Finland over the programming period 2006-2013. Attention will be given to the objectives, the beneficiaries, the qualitative and quantitative results and to the role of the TNC in the Local Action Groups’ (LAG) development strategies. The study will address both the strengths and good practices as well as the implementation bottlenecks met over the years. The purpose of the study is to feed into strengthening the TNC under the new Rural Development Programme (RDP) for Mainland Finland and to be of use for the actors involved in the TNC projects. The main partners in the study involve the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Local Action Groups and the promoters and partners of the TNC projects.
Effective start/end date01/11/201429/05/2015