Sustainable Food Education for Self-Efficacy Development (SEED)

  • Siiskonen, Pirjo (Principal Investigator)
  • Mikkola, Minna (Principal Investigator)

Project: Research project

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Description (abstract)

The aim is the development of sustainable skills related to food behaviour in schools, also in touch with school food services, the decision-makers of the municipality and the enterprises and producers in food industry, not just in the interaction between teachers and pupils.

Different interaction networks do not work unambiguously towards sustainability but there is pull towards different directions in the networks that are in the orbit of many actors, also towards “unsustainable” development orientations. The aim is therefore the study of these interaction networks and the recognition of the endurance orientation and its possible strengthening together with the actors.

The project is coordinated by the unit of Educational Science and Teacher Training (University of Oulu) and also Agrifood Research Finland and the Department of Applied Educational Science (University of Helsinki) participate in it.
Effective start/end date01/01/200931/12/2011


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